When to Use the Slots Respin Option

Slots Respin

Playing the slots have stayed pretty much the same since the 1930’s. The player pulled the lever, the wheels began to spin, and if the wheels stopped in the right combination the person was paid out the money they won.

Recently, progressive jackpots were introduced where the player has the option to win a very large accumulated jackpot that is based on all the players of a specific group of slots. Another recent introduction was the multi-line bidding system where the player could bet on the main row, the top and bottom row, as well as the diagonals. By this point, the multi-line and the progressive jackpots are standard on the most casino and online slot machines.

However, with the advent of online slots and online gaming, a new feature has begun to creep into the slot machine industry called the respin. The slot’s respin feature completely changes the way people play slots. This is a feature and ability that many players have been begging to have for years. When a player’s wheels have come to a stop they win whatever payout that they deserved.

However, what if one wheel was just off of the jackpot that was needed. What if 4 jackpots were displayed, and all that needed to happen was to respin that one reel to see if another jackpot could be achieved?

This is the ability of the repsin feature. At the end of a turn, and after the payout has been awarded, the game allows you the option to respin one of the wheels for a fraction of the cost of spinning all of the wheels.

A player can respin that wheel or another wheel as many times as they want. If the player wins a payout, then that payout is awarded when the spin is completed. The conservative player can spend their entire time on the game picking and choosing which wheel to spin. It is a new process that has begun to be called Microgaming. When should a player use this slots respin option, and does it really benefit the player in the long run? The reality is that if all of the wheels aren’t spinning the chances of winning the big money is lessened.

A general rule of thumb is that if the player has been awarded what they originally put into the machine, then do not use the respin feature and just spin the wheels as normal. There is no magic calculation, contrary to popular belief, that will decide when is a good time to use the repsin feature and when isn’t a good time to use the respin feature.

With that said, the respin feature is usually less than a full bet and allows the player to spend less money and gives them a better opportunity for a payout in general. If the wheels are close to a winning combination, it’s a good idea to use the respin feature to attempt to get to this combination. However, if the display is not showing anything close to a winning combination, using the respin option is just like throwing money into a trashcan.

After a long period of time of playing, the player can average more money than they were usually awarded. The respin feature has made playing the slot machines more interesting and has allowed the player to feel more in control of the wheels of chance. Using the respin feature doesn’t increase the advantage the player has over the slot machine, it only gives the slots player the option to get closer to a general payout. Only time will tell if the respin option is more profitable.

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