In this support section, we give additional information about how to have the best experience with our software. If you discover any issues where the game is not performing as intended, please contact us at

02/05/2016 This support issue is not wide-spread, however, one of our beta testers has discovered that some Google Chrome users, in occurrences of having multiple tabs open, may not be able to see a game background.  This appears to be an ultra-rare happening, but we have come up with a way in which to reset the game.

First, attempt to refresh the Google Chrome browser cache.  To do this, hold down the Shift button while clicking on the browser reload button.

If this does not clear the issue, then enter this into the url of the browser page, chrome://net-internals/then hit enter.  Go to the right hand top of the page that loads and click the down arrow.  Some menu options will appear.  Under Tools, click Clear Cache.  Then return to the same menu and Flush Sockets.

These steps were able to correct the issue of which the reporting beta tester made us aware.


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