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Primal Wolf Game

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Primal Wolf

The Primal Wolf slot game has five reels, fifteen wolf-related symbols, and the chance to win on any of the twenty different payable lines. Just like most other online slot games, this one features scatter and wild symbols. While the Wild symbols are clearly marked and easily identifiable from the lone wolf’s intense stare, the Scatter symbols are a little more inconspicuous. They can be found in the form of an eclipsing moon, and when you get one on a pay line, it will pulse so that it stands out a little more than the other slots. The graphics on each of the reels are also quite pretty to look at, from various forest and mountain landscapes, images of wolves, as well as wooden plaques featuring various wildlife images, like deer, eagles, and of course the wolf.

Primal Wolf Slot Game

The general layout of this online slot game is both beautiful and unique, and fits the theme perfectly. The tree line of a forest can be viewed across a green meadow, and a lone white wolf stands guard over the spin button, constantly aware of its surroundings. As you play the game, you’ll notice that the background changes slightly, from night to day, over and over again at a slow pace. There are also very slight clouds that move across the sky as well, but these are very subtle, and add just enough of a contrast to the sky to make it interesting.

The frame around the reels is beautifully crafted of timbers, and the detail in them is quite impressive. You can see various grains of wood as well as the nails that hold it together. All of the different labels that you would find on a slot screen appear on the wooden beams, and are done is such a manner that they appear to have been burned into the wood, which makes for a very aesthetically pleasing slot game. It’s also nice to see where the different pay lines are without having to hunt down a pay table to see them. The wood theme and attention to detail can also be found in the Spin button, which also appears to be made of wood.

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