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Gonzo’s Quest

For people looking for some entertainment to do in their spare time, then look no further. It is so much fun playing casino games online such as Gonzo’s Quest especially since it is free. For people that have never played this game before, they will learn everything about it from the music to the bonus features. They will also learn everything in between that on how to play the game.

Players will find that once they get to the game, their will be an introduction with music. They can choose to either watch or skip it. The music sounds kind of mysterious and will make people curious as to what this game is all about. The introduction goes along with the music and is also mysterious. People will find that they can learn the story by reading the words on the screen. Once the introduction is over and they reach the game, the players will still hear music while playing. It has a nice, relaxing feel to it. It sounds like the players are in a jungle because you hear outside noises such as birds chirping.

Before people start playing they will see symbols to become familiar with. There are a bunch of mask symbols along with a few snakes. Players will see a few buttons at the bottom to also become familiar with. The first one is the bet level. The numbers will change in the bet level box from twenty to one hundred. Each time that button is clicked on; the number will go up. It has to do with the amount players wish to bet when they click the spin button.

The spin button is the easiest button. All people have to do is click on the button, and the game will spin. They will see the amount of symbols they can get in a row or diagonal. Players can spin this button as many times as they like. Since they are playing for free, this will be play money. The button next to the right of the spin button is the coin value button. The more times people click on this button, the higher the numbers will change next to the coins and coin value at the bottom of the playing screen.

Directly underneath the spin button, is the max button. By clicking on this button, people will see a bunch of lines going everywhere across all the symbols. The lines will disappear after a second or two, and the game will start to spin automatically. They can see how many of the same symbols they can get based off the lines that were on the playing screen. The next time the max bet button is clicked on the game will automatically spin to see if they get the same or different symbols as they did the previous time they clicked the button.

Now that the players understand the game and can play it really well; they can move on to the features such as the wild symbol and free fall. These features will be available if they decide to play for money. For free fall, players can get up to ten free spins once they get three of the same free fall symbols in a row. They will also be able to win more free rounds. If players spin and they see a symbol with a question mark appears, their chances of winning that round will increase.

This game is a fun and easy game with a story to tell at the beginning and music to listen to. People will understand the symbols and each step on how to play the game. They will want to keep coming back to play this game over and over again.

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