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Wild Wild West Net Ent

The Wild Wild West: Great Train Heist is an exciting online slot game that will have you bucking in your seat. Fast paced and genuinely fun, players try and spin up a 3 to 5 line match any way they can get it.

The game feature four colorful characters that will make anyone pause before even thinking about crossing them. The outlaws include 3 males and one female. Not surprisingly, the female bandit is the one to pay out the most. It’s just too easy to be lured by her sexy, but dangerous smile!

Players can also get caught up with the sinister, one-eyed man, often seen swinging around a loaded revolver. At least he brings in a good loot, even if he can’t be trusted!

Then comes the muscle-headed thug wielding a big knife. Wonder if he even needs to use it with those big muscles? Best not to find out.

The last is a thin looking boyish guy that really offers next to no threat with his awkwardly raised fist. He liable to get hurt if he’s not careful. Go back home to your mother kid!

The game rambles along with a bouncy spaghetti western like theme. It really sets the tone of the game and puts the player in the mood as they mosey into the game.

Illustrations are nicely detailed to depict the lonesome bandits. The rich coloring makes for visually lively looking crooks. The non-character symbols are common icons – hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. What’s different about them is they are very well drawn, in a tattoo-like style that makes them stand out with nicely placed design details.

Animations are limited except for the spinning wheels, plus there is a continually moving train going from right to left behind the play board. In Bonus Spins, puffs of steam, as if from train wheels, blow out to make the reels appear to move in super-fast speed.

Bonuses are earned by getting 3 – 5 matches in the players selected bet line. There are 10 line options available in the main game. Players that spin up a Wild Icon get a free match to any character which often converts into a winning combination.

Players lucky enough to have at least three Scatter Icons will get a load of free spins. As if free spins weren’t enough, Scatter Icons activate a set of special Wild Icons. There are four types of Wild Icons – regular, expanding, 2X multiplier and spreading. Each offer its own special bonus.

Even more winnings are available in another bonus game, Pick and Click. Players finding three Gold Cash Safes appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5 get to play this rewarding game. Once in the game, the player selects one of the Bonus Symbols which reveals a coin. Although only one is awarded per Pick and Click game, each pays out between 5X – 50X the player’s original bet!

Wild Wild West: Great Train Heist has all the essentials of a very fun, compelling and potentially rewarding online slot game. The Bonus Icons turn many spins into easy winners. Adding to the excitement are those looming Gold Safes that promise to bring in a big loot with every coin in the Pick and Click Game.

The music and graphics work together well to transport the player into colorful Western setting that makes them want to stay a while. This game can make a money-spinning bandit out of most anyone who cares to catch the next ride that passes by in the Wild Wild West: Great Train Heist.

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