Vegas Paradise Casino Slots

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Vegas Paradise Casino Slots

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Vegas Paradise Casino Slots

Vegas Paradise online slot game features five different reels and some really great graphics. The graphics used are not your typical slot graphics, but rather those that are unique to Las Vegas and casinos. There are money symbols, as well as percentages, used to represent match bonuses, and other promotions as well. There are also symbols representing what your future may hold, in regards to yachts, sports cars, as well as a gorgeous ocean view.

Vegas Paradise Slot

This game also features some really beautiful background graphics. Most online slot games pay great attention to the detail on the reels themselves, and have some decorations around the edge of the game, but Vegas Paradise Slot has a beautiful skyline in the background and a roaring lion that takes up nearly half of your screen, who can also be viewed behind the reels.

Vegas Paradise Casino Inspired

While the unique symbols may set this one apart from many other online slot games, the rest of it is quite similar to just about every other five reeled slot game out there. There are a total of fifteen symbols on the board at any given time and twenty different pay lines in which you can win. How much you bet is entirely up to you, with a minimum of 1 coin and one pay line, and as much as 40 coins on each of the twenty pay lines, with a bet of 800 each spin.

You can spin the reels by clicking the Spin button, and once the reels stop by themselves, you will see what you have won. If you prefer to have a little more control of the reels, just click ‘Stop’ and all five reels will simultaneously stop. This can be a fun way to try and test your skill to see if you can get the reels to stop just where you want them to so that you win big, or at least to see how close you can get.

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