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King of Slots

One of the greatest joys of a casino is a slot machine like this one ,King of Slots. You can find different denominations—any to fit your budget—and play. The games are fun and flashy. They have a lot of excitement to them. And, if you get lucky, they can offer a pretty nice payout. Whether you are a fan of slot machines or just considering trying them, a great place to start is with King of Slots.

The King of Slots game is created by NetEnt. This is a premiere software company in the world of online gambling. The company has been around for twenty years now. That’s a long time for any business, but it’s a lifetime in the internet world. In that time they have created some of the biggest and best online slots games and have plenty of awards and accolades to prove it. They also fuel a number of online casinos that are completely NetEnt-supported.

Because of their name, the King of Slots slot game comes into the market riding on its developer’s great name already. You know that this is a high-quality game that will offer you hours of fun and excitement. You start off King of Slots with the traditional Vegas-style slot machine layout. You are going to be surrounded by jewel-encrusted fruits and golden symbols. When you think of this game, think “Royalty”.

Royalty is exactly what you’ll feel like as you play. This game has 5-reels and 25-paylines. The five reels means that you get to make matches across 5 spinning wheels. The 25-paylines means you can pick what lines you want to bet on, or you can just stick with the main one. Remember though that the more paylines you activate, the more chances you have to win. Of course they each require a bigger bet to activate, but the more you wager the more potential payout you may have.

In addition to the layout, King of Slots also has two bonus features to enjoy. It has sticky wins, which helps out with total wins. With a sticky win, if you get matches of three or more symbols on the active payline/s, they “stick” and the other reels will re-spin. This gives you a great shot at winning big!

The other bonus feature is the free spins. When playing slots it is always great to get free spins. The more you can spin, the greater your chances of a payout. You can activate this if you get 5 or more scatter symbols. The normal number of free spins you can anticipate is ten. The free spins also come with a 3x multiplier. Again- that makes your payout potential higher, which is one of the reasons King of Slots is so much fun.

The best thing about King of Slots though is that it is a highly-affordable and flexible slot game. If you want to keep your wagers lower, you can do that and still have a great shot at a win. On the other hand if you want to activate all 25 of the paylines and test your luck, you can do that too!

King of Slots is a great game. It is a stand out partly because of it having a notable number of re-spins that can open the door for additional multipliers. There are enough payouts build into the game thanks to NetEnt to give you a great gaming session with at least a few likely wins. An added bonus is that while you play the game, you’ll also get some easy-listening music on the background to calm your day.

If you want a great game that pays out regularly and has a lot of fun features, King of Slots may be the perfect slot to sit down to.

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