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Drive is a fun, fast and engaging slot-like game that brings players the action packed adrenaline of street racing and gambling all in one! The 5-reel drive system allows users to match various symbols together in order to win a coin currency within the game. Players are able to achieve a maximum reward of 750,000 coins during their play in order to progress throughout the system and earn bonuses.

The first thing a player will notice when they decide to try the Drive game is that of the fast-paced, electronic music that floods the software. The music perfectly reflects what it’s like to drive the city streets late at night while looking for a race! Similarly, the dark and ambient design of the game creates a club-like feel with neon colors, flashing lights, and a beautifully created backdrop of a major skyline.

Betting System

One of the unique characteristics about Drive is the ability that players have to change their betting amount. Unlike other casino slots, the amount that a player bets can be tweaked within the smallest, or largest, amount to ensure they feel comfortable with the current bet. Players are also able to use the “autoplay” feature that allows them to pick up and start gambling without tweaking the settings to their preferences.

Users are also encouraged to change the level in which they bet with a level changing option located on the bottom left corner of the framework. As a player graduates to a higher level, the amount of the minimum bet is raised and so are the odds of winning! This creates a large lose-to-win ratio that keeps players’ hearts pounding and their minds coming back for more.


As with any casino reel game, players are expected to match certain symbols within the reels in order to win a prize. The symbols contained within Drive are designed and implemented in order to stay true to the race atmosphere that players love.

Moreover, players will notice the faces of other drivers on the reel that can be matched in order to enhance the prize that can be won on any given spin. There are two bonus features contained within the Drive framework that allow one to further their winnings during the spin. Scatters and Wilds, the two bonus features, can be used to connect other symbols in unique patterns in order to help players win an otherwise lost spin!

Simple and Straightforward

Although there are many casino reel games on the market today, they can’t replace the classics. Drive stays true to the classical system of gambling and engages players through dynamic game play, gorgeous user interface design, exciting symbols and reels, and an overall sense of competition. Players looking to try an exciting and fast-paced reel game are encouraged to start their engines and blaze down the strip with Drive, the speedy casino experience!

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