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Cool Jewels

Cool Jewels is an online game that gives players a very unique experience. Unlike other games, Cool Jewels is more of a social slot game than a conventional game. As a result this game gives players arguably the most interactive experience in terms of online gaming due to its social media theme. In this game players get more notifications on their phone more than any other source. With this unique feature of the game, the slot games are highly influenced. One of the benefits of this game is its graphics. The graphics are very detailed and colorful which grab a player’s attention quite easily. This game also has six reels and contains an all ways game play. Cool Jewels is a new kind of slot game that heavily features social media and therefore makes this an integral part of the overall gaming experience. When playing this game the volatility is moderate with the potential to win a maximum amount of money as high as 250,000 pounds.

Like a number of other games, Cool Jewels has music and graphics that make it appealing. In this game the theme is quite simple as you will need to align gems in the right way to win on a consistent basis. However the game has mediocre graphics and is therefore one of the main drawbacks. The game looks very nice with brightly colored gems that are set in a background consisting of ice and snow. In terms of the music, the game features a soundtrack that is complimentary to the nature of the game as well as the graphics. The music gets players in the right mood which will motivate them to focus on playing seriously.

In terms of performance, Cool Jewels plays very well. The loading is very fast and there aren’t any lags during gameplay. Therefore this game allows individuals to play at an efficient pace that will give them the ideal gaming experience. As a result anyone looking to play a unique interactive game that has no stoppages will benefit by playing Cool Jewels on a regular basis.

The game play of Cool Jewels is one of the things that set it apart from others. This particular game does not use normal engines that are typical of slot games. Cool Jewels uses a game engine similar to that of the game candy crush. When playing players will need to align 4 or more symbols in either a horizontal or vertical direction. During gameplay the more symbols you align, the more money you win. The payouts from winnings vary depending on each particular symbol. Players can be as low as 50p on each spin in the game and up to 400 pounds per spin. As stated earlier, players can win up to 250,000 pounds which is very good for a game that has highly volatile slots.

Cool Jewels also contains additional features such as all way wins and Cascading Symbols. It also includes normal bonus features such as free spins and wilds. The game contains 4 different wilds which provide players with a unique bonus. If a player lands two different wilds at once, they will earn a special bonus win.

With Cool Jewels players looking to participate in online gaming will likely have a great experience. The social media theme of this game provides players with an opportunity to have much interaction which can keep them engaged on a consistent basis. The gameplay is simple so it isn’t too complex for most players. The bonus features and levels are very generous and give players the opportunity to win a considerable amount of money. With a very fast loading time, Cool Jewels allows players to play at a coherent and quick pace. As a result Cool Jewels is one of the more enjoyable online gaming options available.

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