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Astro Cat

Astro Cat Slot

Astro Cat is an online slot machine that was developed by Lightning Box/NextGen Gaming as a fun and graphics-heavy way to play slots and win some money. Each game is includes a potential 1,300 different ways to win, including a variety of fun symbols that reflect the visual theme of the game.

What is particularly fun is when you activate multiple winning combinations in a single roll and activate bonus spins: the game will just cascade with exciting visuals and sounds.

Astro Cat Setup

The setup for this game includes a three-by-five reel configuration that is fairly unique for the online slot machine world. Four of the reels (all but the third) are normal reels with a combination of three different symbols. The third reel is what is known as the “Reeflecta Reel” and it has 16 different symbols that can be used to create potential matches with the other reels.

As a result, this game as a very intriguing style of gameplay that varies with each spin. It is one of the most popular slot machines on the site and has a nearly perfect rating of 9.5.

Anyone who is interested in online slot machines will enjoy what this game has to offer, particularly if they’re into the fun of activating bonus spins and wild cards.

Astro Cats Visuals and Theme

The visuals of Astro Cat are simple, but engaging. They are based on the popular “beckoning cat” seen in many Asian shops. This friendly waving cat has become popular due to its cute look and its friendly style.

Each symbol in this game is a variation on this fun item and includes a variety of other symbols, including rockets, fireworks, various wild symbols, and many other symbols that come together to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

The graphics are nice to look at and easy on the eye. While very colorful, they are blended well with each other and never garish or annoying. As a result, it is possible to fall into a groove of playing this game for several hours without stopping. Thankfully, it’s fun enough to withstand this kind of heavy playing action.

What is particularly fun about the visuals and theme of this game is when you land on a bonus or wild symbol. This will activate a series of simple firework graphics that add a little excitement to the game.

While not extravagant, they keep the game from getting stale or static. So while it’s fair to say that Astro Cat’s graphics are not award-winning, they get the job done with aplomb and never distract the player from their gaming experience.

Bonus Features and Special Icons

The bonus features in Astro Cat are primarily centered on the Reeflecta Reel. This 16-symbol reel can be used once per spin to create expanded winning combinations. When bonus symbols are matched on this reel, this reel is particularly important as it can transform any of its many icons to a wild symbol that can increase your bonus payout and get you even more money.

The bonus is activated with the Reeflecta Reel, when Rocket Fireworks show up in five or more of the Reeflect Reel spots. This will activate the free-spin mode that includes an increase number of bonus symbols, wild cats, and a variety of exciting potential winning combinations.

Free spins will continue to be awarded as long as you continually role a Cat Wild with a “+1 Additional Spin” in the Reeflecta Reel. As a result, you could play free spin mode indefinitely, but you get at least three bonus spins each time.

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