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7 Sins

7 Sins Review

7 Sins is an online slot machine by PlayNGo. It advertises a surprising 243 different winning combinations. It features a variety of different symbols and matching three in a row will win a variety of payouts. There are multiple bonuses and wild card scenarios which you can also unlike, including a free bonus spin round which allows you to revel in the fun “sin-oriented” game style.

This game is simple to understand and to jump right in, making it a fun way to play online slots. Players interested in can play for free or deposit a little money into their account to try their luck at winning real cash. With the bonus payout and the bonus round exciting, it’s easier than ever to have a fun and exciting online slots experience with this unique machine.

7 Sins Power Visuals and Theme

7 Sins is based on the concept of the seven deadly sins, including Greed, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, and Vanity. This matches the excitement of online gaming by encouraging players to bet big and to take huge risks with their slots. The visuals are simple, but appealing. Each symbol represents one of the sins and is a colorful and well-detailed item. It’s very simple to tell the difference between the symbols with this game, which is an important aspect of any online slot machine experience. Struggling to tell the difference between “Greed” and “Envy” would be difficult without the detailed graphics.

Other graphical elements include celebratory animations that play after particularly big wins. Everything is well-integrated and matches the theme particularly well. While it might seem inappropriate to make light of the seven deadly sins, this game gets away with it by having a sense of humor.

Players who embrace the wins in the bonus game segments will experience the most fun. However, failure typically comes when players push things a little too far.

Some may be slightly turned off by the images of alluring women that occur through much of the game’s graphics and design. To some it may seem sexist, but it is handled in a fairly light matter.

They aren’t there to truly titillate the player, but to fit in seamlessly with the graphical design. As a result, it is appropriate to say that this game’s graphics match the “sinful” theme without being too over the top about it. No children will be shocked by the content of this game.

Bonus Features and Special Icons

Bonus features of this game are focused on the Number 7, which is considered the Wild Symbol. Obviously, the matches the “seven sins” theme. It appears only in reels one, three, and five. The Double 7 images will appear in two and four.

Matching these wild cards will open up a major coin credit bonus of five, 10, 100, or 350 times the initial bet. As a result, players who continually match bonuses or who learn how to time these spins can win major jackpots.

When the Pandora’s Box icon is matched with another, it opens up a bonus round of free seven spins. This allows players to rack up huge bonuses matching with the Temptress appearing in the center reel. Winning requires matching the center-reel temptress with the appropriate icons, such as greed, sloth, or envy. Bonus spins are possible here, making this a potentially high-paying bonus.

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